Hoop Master Station Kit


This product is no longer available.

If you’re running a business then consistency in your hooping is one of the most important selling points. With the Hoop Master, you can ensure logos and/or names on shirts or pockets are hooped in the exact same position, every single time. Precision hooping for premium service.

The Hoop Master Station will act as a guide to ensure you hoop your garment in the same position. The FreeStyle Base (included in the Station Kit) provides you with an additional guide for freestyle hooping with the Might Hoops.

Included in your Kit is the Adjustable Fixture, which makes positioning your hoops accurately on an X/Y axis perfect every time. The Hoop Master Station Kit is compatible with Mighty Hoops and the Pocket Guide (purchased separately), ensuring you have everything you need for your corporate embroidery customers.