With the robot frame, you can embroider on anything from bags and pockets to shoes and purses.

Regular frames don’t allow for embroidery on unusually shaped finished goods. Where regular frames fail, the Robot Frame prevails.


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The robot frame makes embroidering on pockets, shoes and purses possible.

With 2 clamps to hold onto items and each clamp being attached to an air compressor, you can ensure that maximum stability is reached to make embroidering on any part of an item possible.

Once your robot frame is installed it’s as easy as using adhesive stabiliser as backing on the item to be embroidered and then simply applying the air compressed clamps to secure in place.

Using compressed air you can hoop items that were previously ‘un-hoop-able’. Thick and heavy items like sneakers, purses, and belts are able to be quickly and easily embroidered.