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If you need to create embroidered names quickly and easily then Wilcom DecoStudio Lite e3 is the perfect software to help get your new business started.

A cost-effective way to get started with custom embroidery, with its easy-to-use lettering, monogramming, and basic editing tools. It even provides tools to incorporate Bling! into your customer’s multi-decoration designs. Wilcom DecoStudio E3 Lite is integrated with Corel Draw Essentials, allowing you to convert a clip art vector file into an embroidery digitisation.

Wilcom DecoStudio E3 Lite is free with the purchase of select Ricoma embroidery machines.

  • Efficient and powerful design tool
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Auto digitize vector to embroidery
  • Add lettering to embroidery stock designs
  • Import embroidery stock designs from any popular format
  • Create a new look by adding stylized text to imported designs
  • Included free with all Ricoma machines
  • Easy to upgrade